Welcome to the greenhouse

USDA Organic | NON GMO


life-changing? maybe.
industry-changing? absolutely.

We are on a mission to revolutionize
organics. By merging the best
of traditional farming with the latest
greenhouse growing techniques,
we can yield a simply better, more
sustainable produce.

Tomato Seedling Plant

We grow our produce in coconut husks rather than soil to conserve water, inspire faster seed growth, and naturally protect plants from disease.

Water Smart Icon

We use 80% less water than traditional farms. With drip irrigation, all of the water we utilize is absorbed by the plants or recycled back into the greenhouse.

We believe in a brighter future for our environment and our employees. That’s why we’re committed to providing year-round fair wage employment with benefits.


To ensure the purity of our
produce, we rely on bumblebees
to naturally pollinate all
pepper and tomato plants.

Because our greenhouses
are not limited to
a single growing season,
we are able to harvest
fresh organic produce

Grow Clean Icon

Our greenhouses naturally protect
against outside pollution and pests,
empowering us to grow clean
every step of the way. That means
no harmful chemicals. Ever.

Recycled Packaging Icon

Our transparent recycled (and
recyclable) packaging
our produce during transport
and helps keep them fresh in-store
and at home.

Along with reducing water usage,
preventing soil depletion, and eliminating
fertilizer runoff, our sustainable
produce eight times more
food than traditional farms.

Brighthouse Organics™ are available year-round.

Look for all our organic varieties:
vine-ripened tomatoes, grape tomatoes,
sweet bell peppers, mini-sweet peppers
and long english cucumbers.